Saturday, February 20, 2010

Clearly, I am a terrible blogger

I haven't posted anything in a year!
Nathan is now 20 months old, and Jonathan and I have some very exciting new things on the horizon....

For now, I'll just share a recent photo of Nathan...

There will be more to come! ;)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where to begin?!
I'm way overdue to post so here it goes!

First- I must elate!
Nathan can laugh now!
This week he's been saying "HAh!" and somethings "HAHa!" When I tickle him or nuzzle him or kiss his belly! HURRAY!
He still isn't rolling over but I'm not worried- he'll do it in time.
I've been giving him extra tummy time and rolling him over and back again to see if he gets the idea or decides he likes it. He really HATES tummy time... :(

On to the big stuff-
On Sunday the 25th we attended a wedding! Friend of ours, John and Kristin got married. They had a BEAUTIFUL wedding ceremony and reception at the Bartlet Arboretum...
These are some photos. Unfortunately I don't have any of the actual ceremony because Jon decided to record it instead of snap pix :(
The ceremony was beautiful though. Kristin told me it was a hand fasting ceremony- I thought it was wonderful. Afterward the reception was held under a tent a few yards away from the tree the got married under. I loved every minute. Nathan enjoyed himself too... He was passed around and everyone adored him (as always) and he took a little nap in our friend Amy's arms... He did get cranky at all- I was quite impressed with him :)

So that was Nathan's first wedding!

A few days later, on Halloween, Katie came to visit us from Texas. Katie is a BEST friend of mine who I met in college. 2 years ago she moved to Richardson Texas and has only been able to visit a few times since then. I'm always increadibly happy to see Katie, especially now that Nathan is with us. Having children, raising them, getting older- these are all things I always thought Katie and I would be doing together. We were the kind of friends that saw each other every day, so, yeah- its hard having her so far away and when she comes to visit I cherrish every second. We took all the pix of our time together this time around on her camera. I'll upload some when she sends them to me. We had a really nice time. She played with the baby for a bit and we took him to the mall in his costume. He was a pea pod :D CUTEST pea pod ever! I can't wait until Nathan is old enough to trick or treat. After an hour or so at the mall Nathan wasnt having it anymore and started crying.. So we had to be on our way.. Katie was on her way to a Halloween party so I droped her off at her car and Nathan
and I went to my mom's house. Before the trick or treaters came around mom and I went to visit my aunt and grandmother. My aunt has cerebral paulsy and lives in a nursing home. I don't get to see her that often but when I do (especially when I have Nathan with me) its always very special. She lights up from the inside out when she sees the baby....gets me misy eyed every time. ...

After our visit mom and I went home to hand out candy. The volume of ToT'ers was very low! Last year there were over a hundred kids that came to my mom's door. This year we barely even made a dent in the first basket of candy. What really bothered me too was a lot of older kids came without a costume one! What the hell is that?!

Ahh well, more candy for me in the future :D

Tomorrow, November 2nd, Nathan will be baptised.
I'm very proud of my little man and this will be a special day for him.... More to come after the ceremony and party! Until then I will get some much needed sleep!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

First night out since the boy was born!

Hello Blog,

Last night was interesting. It was the first night I left Nathan with my mom to go out for a dinner party. It was my friend Amy's birthday dinner party to be exact. I originally told Amy I wasn't going to be able to come because I had to stay home to put the boy to bed. But I thought to myself a few nights ago: "Why can't I go? Mom will take care of the baby, it will only be for a few hours". and then it was decided. We would go....
I was MAD nervous at first....
It took me a really long time to get ready and actually leave the house because I was apprehensive about leaving Nathan during his bedtime routine. There was no rational reason for me to be nervous... It was just the first time I was going to do this so it was scary to me.
I left Nate at my mom's with plenty of breast milk in a bottle for him to snack on and off I went.
Fist I met Jonathan at Jerrys to help him frame the photos we are going to give out at his Baptism party... Julie was there too. It made me remember how much I loved framing and realize how much I missed it.
Here we are having some framing fun:

Then we were off to the party. It was really nice!
It was nice to be out without worrying about the baby- but I was worrying about the baby anyway!
Here are some party pix:
We only stayed out until about 10- I was so happy to get home to my little bean.
Apparently he went to bed at his normal time (9ish) which I was worried about him *not* doing because he is used to nursing himself to sleep which he wasn't going to be able to do with my mom (obviously)
Here is what he looked like when bundled him up to bring him back home:

We went home, nursed and fell alseep :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

breaking the blog cherry

Last Wednesday. Nathan with his first Pumpkin!

Hello blog,

This is the deflowering of my new little corner of the Internets.
I was never really into the idea of having a blog. I tried having a live journal once but I forgot about it for long periods of time and eventually all together. Now that I have a son, though, I am all about chronicling every moment. Hell, Nathan (my 4 month old son), already probably thinks I'm the paparazzi- I might as well write about his every waking action to go along with the theme :)

So- a blog is about writing about day to day happenings, so I will start with today.

Today was fairly uneventful. This morning I went out with Gloria, my mother in law, to check out the restaurant we're having a little party at after Nathan's baptism. It looks really nice. There will be only 25 of us there- Jonathan's family and mine, and we have a whole room to ourselves. Pretty fancy, I'm looking forward to it! We went to stop and shop after to order some centerpieces to put on the tables. I ordered double bundles of white spray roses (I think thats what they're called) and babys breath in a wide mouthed, clear vase. The roses are cute. They're a lot smaller than regular roses- perfect for the baby. :) The vases will have light blue marbles in the bottom and blue tulle bows around the neck. Tastefull, not tacky. I went through a whole big freak out yesterday about Gloria wanting what I considered to be "tacky" decorations for the party. She originally wanted to go to party city and get, like, "Happy Baptism" cardboard/cray paper decorations. ICK.
I felt like an ass telling her NO because she payed for more than half of the restaraunt tab, but in the end it was a bigger ordeal in my head than in the real world. I just said "I want flowers and maybe a couple balloons only" and she asked no questions and didnt try to force tacky decorations on me at all...
So the flowers for the party are all set.
I cant wait.
Mainly becuase the whole family will be together again and everyone can see how damn cute our son is and how big he's gotten :) (I'm an annoyingly proud mommy, I know)
The rest of the day isn't even worth blogging about.
I bought nathan a new little stuffed froggy that he loved instantly and tried to put in his mouth right away.
I also got him a really cute sleep sack that should keep him nice and toasty at night.
I have to remember to pick up batteries tomorrow for the digital camera so I can start illustrating these posts.

Until then.. thats all for now!